"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame." 

– Thomas Edison
Dr. Rina Tinozzi

Dr. Rina Tinozzi

It was this simple, sometimes elusive, goal that lead me to develop a new approach to chiropractic treatments. At Tinozzi Chiropractic Studio, massage is included with every chiropractic adjustment, it just makes sense! Just like a broken bone must be properly set before it can heal, so too muscles must be reset before a spinal adjustment. Traditional chiropractic adjustments often leave the newly-aligned spine at odds with the muscles surrounding it. Comfortable with their old position, the muscles strain to return the spine to its previous curvature. It’s like falling back into an old, bad habit

Many patients are referred to our office with chronic conditions that have not responded to other treatments. Some have tried medication and physical therapy, and were left feeling like they just "have to live with the problem." We offer patients a different approach so they may not have to live with their pain anymore.

By combining specialized muscle work and gentle chiropractic adjustments, we reset these muscles to help restore the body’s own natural balance—creating the optimal environment for the body to heal itself, without drugs or surgery. Every chiropractic adjustment includes 10 minutes of deep tissue massage (trigger point therapy) to release the patterns in the muscles that prevent chronic conditions from healing fully.

It is our mission to provide a warm, healing environment that cares for the patient's spirit as well as the body. At our practice, you will feel cared for and pampered, while you are achieving a more vibrant and healthy- as well as pain free body!


Best in Health,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi