At Tinozzi Chiropractic things are done a bit differently than many chiropractic offices. Each office visit lasts about 30 minutes and is tailored to your individual needs.

At our office, visits begin with a relaxing steam pack while you lie on the table and relax from the stressful day. This is followed by 10 minutes of specific trigger point therapy, which is a form of deep tissue massage (see below).

The necessary adjustments are then performed using diversified technique, a gentle form of traditional spinal alignment.

We encourage our patients to relax on the adjusting table for a few minutes or take a gentle walk in the park behind our office. An attitude of relaxation helps decrease stress and encourages the maximum benefit from spinal adjustments.




What are Trigger Points? Trigger points are specific spots of stored tension that feel like tight, tender knots in your muscles. They are created by stress put on the muscle from poor posture, spinal restrictions, repetitive motion and even intense sports. These Trigger Points can be responsible for many conditions including

  • headaches
  • neck pain shoulder blade pain
  • arm and hand numbness
  • chronic fatigue
  • sciatica
  • plantar fasciitis and foot problems

just to name a few. They can be released by a specific form of massage that involves locating the "chief" trigger points and applying pressure directly into them to release the stored lactic acid and painful chemicals that perpetuate the pain. This often feels like deep massage and can be very relaxing. 




Taking good care of you...

It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality chiropractic and massage care available. We believe in an atmosphere of relaxation and healing in our office. You are encouraged to breathe, relax and unwind. Please be good to yourself the rest of the day with a walk, a healthy meal and a little break from stress. 

Each patient is unique, and we will treat you as so. At our office, rest assured there are no sales pushes to sign up for extensive, pre-paid chiropractic care. Small packages are available to get the care you need, but are not required.  

It's important to note that corrective care is different from "band-aid" care. Chiropractic will help you get out of immediate discomfort usually in a few short visits, and for some this is the goal. But changing long-term patterns in your body takes time.

Regular chiropractic will make you feel younger, healthier, more energized, and pain free!