Hello, if you have any trouble using the booking interface below, please call our front desk for assistance at (415) 924-8089, or email tinozzichiro@gmail.com. We're here to help!

For first time patients, please select the “New Patient 60 Min Visit” option below.



Below you will find a few notes about our most popular appointments. Please call for further details, or you can use the appointment interface at the top of this page to book your appointment now.

New patient appointments last about an hour, and include a consultation, examination, hot steam packs, a 10 minute trigger point massage and a full spine chiropractic adjustment. The fee for this is $135, or your insurance may cover your chiropractic care. Just ask.


 Follow up visits last 20-30 minutes, and include a re-check examination, hot steam packs, a 10 minute trigger point massage and a full spine adjustment. This $85.


Packages are available for significant discounts.  


Massage prices are $110 for 55 minutes, or $160 for 85 minutes, and $215 for 2 hours of heaven. Each Massage includes hot steam packs and hot towels. Deep tissue and/or aromatherapy is offered at no extra fee. There is a $10 discount when you combine it with your chiropractic appointment.  Often health insurance covers 55 and 85 minute massages, be sure to inquire at the front desk. 


Outcall (in your home) Massage appointments are available! (and massage/acupuncture combo appointments.) Email us at tinozzichiro@gmail.com or call us at 415 924-8089 to book these.


Acupuncture is also now available by appointment, in your home and in our office. 


Please note, the above fees represent our discounted, fee-for-service rates. Insurance billed fees are slightly different. Please ask at the desk for details if needed.