The secret weapon of GRATITUDE. Try this experiment to learn a neat trick.

Are you happy?

Try the below experiment to learn a neat trick.

Consider this:

At the end of the day what we all are essentially seeking is fulfillment. 

Relationships, health, work, money, home-life, travel. 

And what many of us do? 

We unconsciously pine away for the things we just don't have...

So, I ask, what constitutes a more effective approach than wishing, wanting, needing and yearning your way into a more fulfilling existence?  

There's a secret weapon: gratitude.

There is no end to the list of things you could be grateful for:

  • the roof over your head, the dinner you'll probably eat this evening. 
  • the people in your life that you love and love you, 
  • the fact that the millions of cells in your body are working in perfect harmony to keep you alive. Miraculous.

Of course you can focus on the things that you are missing in your life right now... 

  • a 70 foot yacht
  • a villa in Tuscany
  • 3% body fat and perfect skin
  • a doting movie-star quality spouse that never disagrees with you on anything!


Focusing on the billions of things that are going right in your life is much more likely to make you feel good than focusing on the few things you might perceive as missing. 

Try this very short experiment right now.  


Take about 30 seconds right now to look around the room. 

Take notice and mentally catalogue everything that is brown. 

Try to remember as many of them as possible. 

When you are done, and only then, Read on. 



*****Don't read on yet, it will ruin the experiment.****



Did you look around?




Ok... Got it?


Now. close your eyes

and recall all the items in the room that are GREEN. 

Yes Green. I'm guessing that you didn't come up with many since you were so focused on the brown stuff. 

It's because you tend to get more of what you focus on. 

Choose to focus on the good stuff, and you'll have no choice but to get more of the good stuff. 

(Experiment compliments of Dr. Ali Binazir, M.D.)

I'm focusing on you right now. :) Thanks for being in my life!

Dr. Rina