Is your Mattress ruining your life:

MATTRESS HACK! This is a great idea:

Having a war with your mattress? Recently I heard about, (and tried) this great new idea. 

It's true that flipping your mattress is like a breath of fresh air for your back. 

You get rid of body impressions and it feels brand new. 

If you haven't yet tried this, it's a great solution to uncomplicated morning back aches.

But sometimes you have a mattress that you can't flip! 

It was built to be one sided. 

What the heck. 

They say you can spin it 180 degrees, that's a good idea, but you may have already done that and like me both sides have body impressions 

Time for a new mattress? 

FIRST try this:

If you have an king size mattress, you can spin it 90 degrees. So basically turn it sideways..It works! I tried it. I feel like I just saved $1000, 

it's like a brand new mattress all over again. 

Lemme know how it goes.

Dr. Rina

PS Share this great life hack with friends, it's genius.

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