Wanna Lose 5 pounds? Don't Tell your Mother I Said This..!

Happy NEW YEAR! 

So! Not sure about you all, but someone put almost 5 pounds on me when I was sleeping! 

That trickster. 

I have a few tricks of my own to drop 5# quickly, and this (below) Men's fitness article really validated them. (I'm cheating on this newsletter, and have cut and scanned the page below). 

The gist: It's the secret eating routine of a bodybuilder when he needs to lean out fast. 

And it's super simple! 

He fasts (coffee only) until noon. 

Then eats a huge protein-y lunch, 

no portion limits. 

(I personally do portion limits because I'm not lifting a million pounds a day!) 

**note he does his moderate cardio before that first meal, using up his glycogen reserves.. Smart, that dips into your fat storage more quickly.)

Then he doesn't have a meal again until 6pm, and it's another huge protein meal. 

There are a few very light, healthy snacks and amino acid drinks peppered in as well. 

(See chart is below.)

One reason I like this is that much of the new research supports skipping breakfastif you're not hungry. 


Our mothers would kill us, but try it. Just wait until you're hungry to eat.

And also, my eating routine has been similar for a while. 

Coffee, then grab a hardboiled egg on the way out the door to eat at the desk with a handful of nuts around 11am.

Then a very light lunch at 2pm.  

He's right, it works for me too.

This may not work for everyone, and keep in mind this guy's portions are designed for huge weight lifters, But size it down and give it a try! 

And as always, if you're not training hard, replace any starchy carbs with veggies.

You will see results 10 times faster.



Five+ pounds gone within the month, no problem. 

You owe that to yourself, your body is your temple!

It's ok to be a little hungry when you're trying to lose a few pounds. 

That's the feeling of losing weight. Once you've recalibrated, you won't need to be hungry any more.

Courtesy of Mens Fitness Magazine 2017