Uber Driver Wisdom

I've learned so many enlightening and wonderful things having "present" conversationswith Uber drivers, especially when I travel. 

My favorite one so far happened today in an uber at Chicago O'Hare. 

PS Have you noticed that Uber is a verb now? The latest buzz is that that's whythey'll probably outlast Lyft. 

I digress. 

My driver Michael was a very large, confident African American who did not speak very much. 

Quite likable in general. 

After 10 minutes of silence, he comments on the other drivers around us who were texting and driving. He continued on to tell me that his wife is a highway patrol officer and that she was tough as nails.

You could see the pride in his eyes when he talked about her. 

He genuinely lit up. Said he waited his whole life to meet a woman exactly like her.

She's a canine officer, (I got to hear the cool story what it's like to live with a German Shepard K-9. When you take their collar off at night, they know they're off duty and they roll on their backs like puppies). 

Here's where the story gets good. 

Turns out, he met her at his own wedding, when his wife-to-be left him at the altar. 

He was understandably devastated and humiliated.

His now wife was at that time one of the bridesmaids, and she decided to go with him on the honeymoon to cheer him up. 

But that's not where they fell in love. They parted ways after that trip as friends and quickly lost touch. 

Five years later, he's in the Marine Corps, still putting his life back together. He looks over, and there she is, also a Marine. 

Different state, different life. And that was it for those two. He beamed when he declared thahe was the luckiest guy, with a wife that loved guns, football and whiskey. 

And who could kick his ass. 

I loved that. 

He radiated the most contentment that I've encountered in a while, but he had to go through a personal hell to get there. I was so touched by his story that I took his picture. 

Here ya go: 

über driver.jpg


I'm sharing this to remind you that when your chips are down, in all the magnitudes of ways, don't lose hope. You never know what's around the blind corner. I've been pleasantly surprised more than once myself. 

If you know someone struggling with a life challenge, consider forwarding them Michael's story. You never know who you'll touch by sharing something powerful with others.


PPS Chiropractic tip for you not-so-tall people. Whenever you're on a long flight, be sure to bring something to put your feet on so your legs don't dangle. It's very hard on the low back when your feet aren't firmly planted on the ground. 

That tip coming at you free, from a lounge in the Chicago airport. 

Always thinkin' of you all, 

Dr. Rina

PPPS The new photo above is us ladies celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the birth of Tinozzi Chiro Studio.