The Hidden Secret to Your Happiness

Imagine this scene.

You're on a massage table. 

You're delirious with contentment, 

it's perhaps the best massage you've ever had, and you've never needed it more. 

You can't believe you still have 45 more minutes of this heaven. 

This is AWESOME! I'm so LUCKY!

And then, you remember that your neighbor forgot to cut down the branches hanging over your fence. That jerk, he agreed to do it by Monday. 

He never does anything, he's the worst neighbor. 

And you start taking inventory of all the ways he's wronged you, and how upset you are about it. What you're going to do about it.

The next thing you know, you only have 10 minutes left in your happiest massage you've ever had, and you spent the past 35 mins agitated over the neighbor and his tree.

You know what happened?

You just GAVE your neighbor that massage.   The guy you hate right now? Yep, it was his. The best moment you've had all week, and you let him have it. 

The rest of your evening is booked solid with things you have to do for others.

This was your moment of you time, and you unconsciously squandered it. 

"Can you make me a promise that you will never do this again, self?"


Make that promise. 

Because this applies to everything. 

Borrowed time with an elderly or sick parent, time with kids that are growing too fast. 

Quality alone time with your spouse or loved one.  Time all by yourself to just breathe! 

Each of these moments is so precious, and if you can find a way, (even if it's just partially) to stay present you will lead a richer, fuller, happier and more content life, 

i promise you or your money back. 

Please remember this today -THANKSGIVING, of all days when you are seated next to the in-law you detest, or your brother keeps one-upping you, your ex-spouse is at the table annoying you to death, or you have so much to do later, and this day is taking forever. 

Just STOP. Tell your mind to 

"Sit.... Stay...." like a dog, and make it do it. 


Don't give your joy, your day away.

Your kids, your parents, your spouse, your friends. This is what life is all about, loving them!   You are SO LUCKY!

Just be present, and enjoy the things that are wonderful about the moment.

Your "problems" will still be there waiting for you when you set aside time to deal with them.

A Buddhist monk once said, "If you want to be free,  all you have to do is let go."


I'm so truly thankful to be on this beautiful planet with all of you in my life, 


Dr. Rina

PS Want more? Watch this amazing 2 minute clip of the illusion of it all, and your brains actual state of reality.