A fit man drinks 10 cokes a day for 30 days- see what happens to him!

Wow- You have to hear about this guy! It was on the internet today, perhaps you saw it. 

How much sugar do you eat? Your kids?

I've been winning a small personal battle against wheat and dairy for 6 months now, and I feel so much better. 

But Sugar? I haven't had TIME to battle sugar. Might be time to re-think that.

Check this out:


A fit, 150 year old, 168lb Paleo* diet man who never eats sugar decided to experiment and drank 10 cans of coke a day (only 1400 increased calories) for 30 days to show that it's SUGAR not FAT or caloriesthat is making america obese. 

(*Paleo means moderate fat, high protein, low carbs/no processed sugar.)

You'll never believe what happens to him. 

He changes NOTHING else, just adds 10 cans of coke per day. 

The first week, he gains 8 POUNDS.

He gains 13 pounds in the first two weeks, and 7% body fat. 

By day 30, he's gained a total of 23 pounds. 

His blood pressure went from a healthy 129/77 to 145/96. 

And interestingly, he was having intense cravings for coke by the end, as well as other sugary things.

He lost his appetite for good foods as well. 

Here's his story:

I think this is what is happening to our kids. To AMERICA. 

He says that during those 30 days, he was eating the same amount of sugar that the USDA says the "average American" eats daily. 

That's frightening. 

Watch his video (below), read the article. It may have a lasting impact on you. 

The take away message for you or me, perhaps? 

IF you have 15 pounds you wish you didn't have, you can probably thank sugar. Or If your kids or someone you love is overweight, perhaps it's sugar.

This man ate all the fat and meat that he wanted, and was very healthy until he added sugar. 

Dammit. I like a little sugar! But is it worth it?

Here's to our best selves,

Dr. Rina