Pillow Talk

Gotcha again, didn't I.

Are you at war with your pillow?

It's so hard to know which pillow is the right one for you.

I sleep on a virtual rock. 

It's one of those old style tempurpedic's that they don't make anymore. It's got to be 6 years old, and I love it so much.

It may be the first thing I'd save from my house in a fire. 

Oh, and the kids of course.

Do you love your pillow??

If your pillow is uncomfortable, it's probably not the right one for you. 

 And if it IS- that's a very good sign.

If you wake up with tingling hands, that's another classic sign that it's probably not the right pillow for you.

Might time to pillow shop..


Here're a few important tips regarding what to look for in the PERFECT PILLOW:

  • First look at this: When you lie down in your favorite sleep position, you want the pillow to fill the gap between your head and shoulders. 



  • Next: Look at your posture. If you're lying on your back, your ear should be in line with your shoulder. Not in front of it or behind. A too high pillow is about the worst thing you can have for neck health.




  • If you're on your side, your head should be in line with your spine, not dipped down or propped up too much. 



  • Stomach sleepers? Tsk tsk, not good for your neck. Though I know we all do it from time to time. Just make sure that pillow is very flat. This lady must have a very sore neck!


  • The material you choose is up to you. Like I said, I like the firmest pillow. Soft down pillows are also great for filling in that space between your head and shoulders. 

  • And regarding shape? Orthopedic shape is fine, but not necessary. Sometimes they lead your head to dip below the neck support, and that's not good. And make sure the "hump" part of the pillow isn't pushing your neck up too high as well. These can be tricky.


I wish I could recommend the perfect brand and style that works for everyone.

The tempurpedic is different than it used to be, it's just so hard and never softens up so I don't carry them anymore. 

So sad!

I do think the imitation memory foam ones at Costco, Macys, or Bed Bath and Beyond are a good gamble. 

They tend to be softer than the tempurpedics, but still firm. A good down pillow also is a solid investment. 

Look for one with plenty of loft, as they do pack down. 

Here's one area you get your money's worth. 

Good luck! 

And feel free to email me a picture, or to bring your pillow to your next appointment, we can look at it together.

Sleep tight,

Dr. Rina