Is That Bagel Making You Grouchy?

Yum, bagels. I miss them so much.

Everything bagel with cream cheese, onion and tomato. Open face. 

That's my happy place!

Or it used to be...

A very strange thing happened to me this year-  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. 

For those of you who've never heard of it, it's a severe reaction to anything with gluten/wheat in it.  (Ask me if you want more info...) 

I was mortified! Not only did I cry over having eaten my last croissant, but in all honesty, I just didn't want to be someone with special dietary needs. You KNOW what I mean.. that annoying customer in front of you? 

Well, now that's me. Sigh. Sorry.

BUT! The most amazing thing came out of this new lifestyle, and it turns out it's for REAL. (The research is everywhere.)

I can't believe how much better my MIND feels. 

Like not just more clear, (which is nice)  but so much more even, and optimistic, and stable. 

Do you ever feel just in a funk? 

Or that your mind races- or you're jumpy or anxious?  Sometimes overly reactive-  How 'bout that irritable thing you can randomly feel at your spouse, or kids for almost no reason?

I thought these things were normal. Since eliminating ALL wheat, (4 months now) I see now that maybe they weren't. I wanted to share this with you, incase you've been looking for a way to feel better. 

Since getting totally off gluten, my tummy is never bloated feeling, my mind is clear, my skin looks great, I don't have mood swings and ready for this one- I sleep like a baby! 

I think everyone (YOU!) should try this, just to see how you feel. 

If you're curious, and game--   I challenge you to one month NO GLUTEN. June 1 is right around the corner, and I will totally help you. 


  1. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, so No Wheat. (Harder than you think, it's hidden everywhere. The 2nd ingredient in licorice is wheat.)

  2. No Barley, no Spelt. No Malt. (No normal beer. Boo.)

  3. No soy sauce/teriyaki sauce- they're wheat based. No asian restaurants for a while, they put soy in everything. Meat is often marinated in it too

  4. Read all labels, no "modified food starch", along with other some other things. Best bet? Food with no labels!

  5. Rice is fine, quinoa- fine! Lentils, and beans, great. Potatoes, sure. Just NO WHEAT. *Only gluten free oats.

You don't have to have Celiac to react badly to gluten/wheat. 

And the only way to know how you'll feel is to try it. What do you have to lose? 

You won't miss those few pounds that will come off easily, and maybe you'll be surprised at the rest.  

Let me know how you're feeling. 

And if you're feeling REALLY motivated to change your world,  cut dairy at the same time. 

GASP! C'mon. You're worth it.

Always looking out for you, 

Dr. Rina

 Get inspired here: The gluten free girl on how to for newbies.