Do You Need a Mental Health Day?

Do you ever feel like you just can't catch your breath. 

That facing the upcoming day is almost overwhelming?

When I was a little girl, my mom invented this thing she called the "mental health day". 

Once or twice a year, my sister and I could cash one in and stay home from school, or a soccer game or whatever. 

We didn't have to fake being sick, or have any reason more than, "I need one of my mental health days mom". 

As adults, we feel guilty doing this for ourselves, but I promise you it's worth it! 

You're worth it. 

I'm willing to bet that you show up for everyone in your life when they need you. 

I'd like to ask you, do you show up for yourself?

I recommend trying this for yourself, and maybe even for YOUR kids. (And even for your employees if you have them, they will love you for it.)

It's a no strings attached free day to do whatever you need. 

Sleep? A drive to the ocean? Some fun shopping or maybe just staying home and tinkering.

This is a form of self love that is so healing. It relieves stress, and somehow shows part of ourselves that we have our own backs. 

I've got your back too, 

Dr. Rina

"I ask you, do you show up for yourself?"