Are you missing out on FREE massages?

Are you Missing out on FREE MASSAGES?

You may just be. 

Many people don't realize that their health insurance, (or spouse's health insurance) covers massage, at 100% when you receive it at a chiropractic office.

Massage reduces stress, alleviates pain, treats injuries, and helps the immune system.  

It's good for you, and insurance companies are wising up to this. 


Massage Hands

If you're curious about YOUR health insurance, just email and ask! 

If we don't already have your insurance card, just snap a phone picture of it, front and back, and include it in an email to us.  Karmin will find out for you. 

In the event that your insurance company hasn't caught the wellness wave, 

That's ok. 

Just mention this email and you can receive $20 off your next massage here with us. 

Be good to yourself, 

Dr. Rina