5 Great Ideas for a Fresh Start

Just today, two different people came in saying 

 "HELP..  I've let everything go- I need to get back on track! what can i do? "

If you're also feeling unmotivated, or out of ideas- take a look at these 5 great ideas to kick start your new year right. 

Remember, it only take a short time, 3-5 days of clean living to start feeling good again!

And as I'm always reminding you, if you keep doing the same things you've been doing, you're going to get the same results you've been getting. 

Time for a change!


1. Bored with your exercise routine?

I do the same stuff all the time, usually The Dailey Method and hiking/skiing. Sometimes running. I was feeling kind of uninspired this new year- so I tried something NEW. 

My new favorite exercise is Pilates ProWorks on Miller in Mill Valley. It's sweaty pilates, and it's hard enough even for you strong guys. 

(They have the TRX (straps) workout too). 

Not sure I'd recommend it for beginners, you kind of have to be strong, but if you're up for a challenge, check it out. (First class is $20, and they offer a great start up package too). 

I almost think of it as a beauty treatment, it works so well on my posture i feel 15 years younger!


Here are two other really great ideas to spice up your work out routine: 

2.  www.skaarfitness.com Karmin (my office manager) is married to the most awesome fitness trainer/coach in the world, and I'm not being prejudiced. He's well known throughout Marin, just ask around. Stein Skaar trains at Mt. Tam Racquet Club, and has classes as well as group/private training.  (You don't have to be a member of Mt. Tam to train with him). He's great if you're a fitness buff, and also great if you're just getting started. 

Mention this email and receive $20 off your first session. Email him with any questions at skaarfitness@hotmail.com (He's the friendly guy on the right!)

3.  http://www.thedaileymethod.com/studios/corte-madera/overview/  

I have been a loyal Dailey Method patron for almost 10 years. it's the hardest and most thorough workout i've ever done, and we're lucky enough to have the flagship studio right here in Corte Madera. (They're international now.) 

I know Jill Dailey personally, and can say she's an amazing fitness professional and athlete. Again, not for the faint of heart (or muscles) but you will change your body dramatically in no time at all. Best core workout I've ever done, also. 

There's a groupon (i think) out there, and they also have a great Unlimited First Month plan. There's a New Year Special deal for existing clients too- 10 classes for $155.

   4. Food... glorious food. Did you overindulge this holiday?

I admit I did, and while it was fun, it feels GREAT to be back on track taking care of my body.

There are many ways to do this.. Simply cutting down portions, and eliminating sugar, white carbs, and alcohol works wonders on your mood, your sleep and your waistline.

In case you'd like something structured, here's a link to a 7 day detox cleanse, with recipes that looks really good. I haven't done this one, but I might!



Tinozzi Chiropractic, the best chiropractic studio EVER, is running a Jump Start Package! 

Hey wait- that's us!

Get your body feeling GREAT with this THREE PACK:

Three chiro visits within 10 days for $195

Three chiro's + one 60 min Massage for $280

Remember, do something different, and see what happens. 

It takes effort, but you're worth it. 

Here's to the new you,

Dr. Rina