Who do you spend your time with?

Hi again--

Recently when my boyfriend, Steven, recommended Rob Lowe's autobiography to me, you can imagine I looked at him with a skeptical expression.  

Rob Lowe? 

Steven is, however, one of the most intelligent and interesting people I know, so I gave it a listen. 

Now this obviously isn't a health care topic, and I do strive to share innovative ways to increase your health with you. 

Happiness and fulfillment are, however, a big part of your wellness, and this opening paragraph of Rob Lowe's (surprisingly good) book left such an impression on me, 

I'd like to share it with you: 

"I think it was Alfred Hitchcock who said

90 percent of successful moviemaking is in the casting. 

The same is true of life. 

Who you are exposed to, 

who you choose to surround yourself with, 

is a unique variable in all of our experiences 

and it is hugely important in making us who we are. 

Seek out interesting characters, 

tough adversaries and strong mentors 

and your life can be rich, 

textured, highly entertaining and successful, 

like a Best Picture winner. 

Surround yourself with dullards, 

people of vanilla safety and unextraordinary ease, 

and you may find your life 

going straight to DVD."

-Rob Lowe

I couldn't agree more. 

You get to choose these things for yourself. In fact, you get to choose how you run every aspect of your life. 

Health isn't just physical, though good physical health makes everything easier. 

Health is mental and spiritual as well. 

Be conscious of your choices, in every aspect. 

Challenge yourself. 

It's worth the effort. 

Yours, very truly,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi