Stressing Out!

Dear Friend,

No, Don't worry, 

I'm not stressing out...

But I'm a little worried about everyone that is!

When I re-branded the business after 10 years in practice, I added the logo

"Be Good To Yourself"

If you stop for a minute and think about those words, ask yourselfHow often are you being good to yourself?

That doesn't necessarily mean eating lots of kale, or running 15 miles a week, though running and kale are great! 

But are you letting your stress level come down?

Do you give yourself a guilt-free BREAK when you need it?

Stress overwhelms your body, and you have to go out of your way to take care of it. 

Chiropractic and massage are one example of excellent self care.

There are countless things we can do for ourselves that make a tremendous difference. 

How do I personally de-stress? 

Of course I love a yoga class, a massage, some alone time at a coffee shop with a book, or a quiet wildflower hike.

But my favorite one is around parenting-- which, ask any parent, can be the most (rewardingly) stressful part of life. 

Ever wonder why I am not in the office Tuesday afternoons?

About 9 months ago, after countless power struggles over homework, showers, and healthy dinners, my boys (9 and 11) and I decided to declare Tuesday's "DWWWT!" 

"Do Whatever We Want Tuesday!"

I pick them up from school @ 2:30, and we spend the rest of the day spoiling ourselves. 

 First, we go to the market and get whatever snacks we're each hankering for-even if it's not mom recommended, within loose limits.

Sometimes we go on a random adventure, but many times we just head home,and climb into my big king sized bed. We draw the blinds, and watch adventure movies in the middle of the day. 

Sometimes we even eat the delicious snacks in bed! 

This is awesome, is completely de-stressing, super fun, breaks all the "should" rules, (I should be working? they should be studying?) and makes me feel amazing. 

I think it's adding years to my life. 

Everyone wins, because we decided we were worth it.

So, how can YOU find ways to destress and be good to yourself?

For starters, consider:

  • Leaving your iPhone at home and taking a 20 min walk in the woods or hills, breathing deeply.
  • Leaving work a little early, so that you can catch a playoff game and put your feet up and unwind. (No guilt allowed, you deserve it!)
  • Taking time to read something that enriches your life and adds depth and perspective to something you feel you want to know more about.
  • OR go crazy and clear your entire schedule. Have nothingscheduled and just enjoy some unstructured time.

Stress is cumulative. It's imperative that you let the steam out.

Consider some ways you can be good to yourself, and do them this week. You'll thank me.

And, I'd love to hear your favorites. Maybe I'll try them!

Feel free to reply and let me know your thoughts. 

Always on your side,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi