Sleep, how to do it better..

How have you been sleeping lately? 

Those of you who know me well, know that I struggle with getting a good nights sleep. 

When I was younger, I could sleep through anything. Maybe it's getting older, or being a mom, but that sure is different now. 

It turns out, good sleep is all about keeping your adrenals in check.

If that sounds like greek to you, your adrenals are the glands that secrete adrenaline. Adrenaline is the hormone that gives you energy when you need it-  in exercise, stress, fatigue.

The adrenals play a big part in regulating your sleep/wake pattern, or circadian rhythm. 

They also factor into your ability to handle stress, to keep up your energy level during the day, and believe it or not, to stay trim. 

(You may have heard of excess cortisol causing weight gain.)

A few years ago, I made it my mission to find a way to conquer my insomnia.

Being a health care provider gives me a good foundation for discerning which tips are the best ones.

Here are my favorite, TRULY helpful tips for better sleep:

1.  Stay off the computer/ipad before bed.

This is a hard one, but important for one main reason. Melatonin. The light from screens is called blue light, and shuts down melatonin. That's the hormone we NEED for sleep. Make your room as dark as you can, even a bright clock can block melatonin. 

2. Drink less alcohol.

The body combats the depressive action of alcohol by secreting adrenaline. 

Once the "buzz" wears off in the middle of the night, your body is still secreting adrenaline. To your body this feels like it's 9am when it's really only 3am. Impossible to get back to sleep. Same goes for caffeine, cut back!

   3.  Audiobooks!

I mentioned this in a previous email, but that's my secret trick. Shuts the mind down, distracts me from how late it is and how discouraged I am, and no blue light. You can learn so much if you listen to educational or self improvement topics as well. Just set the timer, and you'll keep your place. 


4.  Keep your nervous system in balance

Chiropractic and acupuncture are both natural and healthy ways to balance your nervous system. So are meditation and exercise during the day. Keep stress down wherever possible as well.

Hope that helps!


In your best health,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi