My name is Dr. Rina Tinozzi, and I have been helping people stay pain free and healthy since 1996 here in Corte Madera. I believe that taking care of yourself should not only be good for you, but should feel good too! That's why, at Tinozzi Chiropractic Studio, massage is included with every chiropractic adjustment... it just makes sense! 

Many patients are referred to our office with chronic conditions that have not responded to other treatments. Some have tried medication and physical therapy, and were left feeling like they just “have to live with the problem.” We offer patients a different approach so they may not have to live with their pain anymore.

Your wonderful human body is a complex machine.  Your muscles attach to the bones, and if those muscle are tight, they may block your body’s ability to accept realignment through chiropractic adjustments.

By relaxing those tight muscles before your adjustment, we can dramatically change the outcome of your treatment! What I fondly call the "cold-crack" (no warm-up) style of chiropractic adjustments can leave your newly-aligned spine at odds with the muscles surrounding it. Comfortable with their old position, the muscles strain to return the spine to its previous position. It’s like falling back into an old, bad habit.

It's called your Muscle Memory, and it's the key to getting you better more quickly!

By combining specialized muscle work and gentle chiropractic adjustments, we reset the memory of your muscles to help restore the body’s own natural balance, creating the optimal environment for the body to heal itself, without drugs or surgery.

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“I enjoy working with athletes treating sports injuries, as well as traditional family chiropractic. I've also had great success treating auto injuries. A mother of two teen boys myself, I love working with children, and I’m especially passionate about new mom and pregnancy care.”


When it comes to helping patients, chiropractic is a very unique and special thing!

It's the only specialty in medicine that is designed to gently move bones in order to take the pressure off surrounding tissue. This is very important if you're seeking help with a pinched nerve or other misalignment.

Just ask yourself, how might a traditional MD treat a pinched nerve? You may receive prescription drugs to block the pain, or even eventually unnecessary surgeries. There's not really another approach for them to use, and they're just trying to help. But, as they say, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Chiropractic can be like magic in these cases. We treat the structure, the underlying cause, and you're often good as new, with no negative side effects or surgical recovery.

It's natural, and works very quickly. I'm proud to be able to help patients in this manner.

Being good to yourself isn't just a catchy phrase, it's a way of life. I've been a chiropractor in Marin County, CA for over 20 years, and teaching people how to be good to themselves, in all facets of life, has been my mission. 


Remember, your body is your temple. Be good to it, and to yourself. Surround yourself with things that feel wholesome and good, and treat each day like the gift that it is.


Best in Health,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi