Gweneth Paltrow tells us how to have longer and leaner bodies, for real!

Like her or hate her, Gwyneth sent out a great article in this week's GOOP newsletter about the connective tissue in your bodycalled Fascia.

It's about how we can literally change the way we LOOK, by utilizing specialized massage and body work like chiropractic. It makes sense, and is well explained.

Here's a link to the whole article, and an excerpt is below. 

So what exactly is fascia?

"Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that encases your body under your skin like a wetsuit and actually wraps itself around every muscle, joint, and organ. If you've ever cut into a piece of raw chicken or steak and seen that thin, white, filmy layer, then you've seen fascia.

While fascia is incredibly malleable and thin, it's also largely responsible for the shape of our bodies. How is this? Well, fascia can store toxins (my orthopedic surgeon friends tell me that when they cut through thickened fascia during surgery, it actually spurts pus-nasty, right?). Most importantly, it can thicken and harden when it is not used correctly: When you have a stiff shoulder, for example, often it is not damage to the muscle that it causing it, but a hardening or thickening of the fascia around the shoulder muscles and joint.

The amazing thing is that fascia is only now being medically recognized for its importance in maintaining a healthy, fit, toned, calm, and aligned body. In fact, it wasn't until 2007 that the first international Fascia Research Congress was held at Harvard Medical School, bringing a new awareness to the importance of the fascial webbing system.

These days, "myofascial release" has become a bit of a buzzword in the fitness and wellness communities: Medical science is finally catching on that fascia is a major player in every movement you make and every trauma you've experienced, making it largely responsible for 'shaping' the body."

---structural integrative specialist Lauren Roxburgh

Hey, HAPPY THANKSGIVING...  In case I haven't told you lately, I'm very thankful for you!

With Sincere Gratitude for YOU,  

Dr. Rina

What if: no email, text, web. Every weekend...

Check this out:

I have a patient, who will remain un-named, who recently told me she completely unplugs every weekend from all electronics..  email, text, web.


No exceptions.

Starting Friday evenings.

The idea of that wowwed me. Challenged me.Intimidated me. It really made me think.

She's as busy as I am. A mom. A successful professional who uses email 


And she manages to do this. 

She does it for her body mostly, but I can only imagine how it affects her mind- as well as her relationships. And her experience of the world.

I wonder that would be like to try..

don't you? 

What if...

Dr. Rina

Heat or Ice- Which is right for you?

Hi There, 

Here's a little reminder regarding when to use heat and when to use ice.



Ice is beneficial as an "anesthetic trick" on sore muscles. This works well on almost all areas.

If you numb a painful area with ice, the brain stops feeling the pain. Your body then releases the protective muscle tightness around that painful area. 

So ice is almost always a good idea when something hurts. 

I find that it's especially miraculous on neck and upper back pains.

About 10 mins, maybe 15 max time for best results. Too long almost has the opposite effect.



Heat is in charge of increasing blood flow to a muscle group and relaxing the muscle. 

It's best on larger muscles, especially the lower back, even if the injury is new. Moist heat generally won't increase inflammation.

It can greatly relieve back pain, and bring fresh oxygenated blood, which feels great. 

Not so great for injuries on extremities like knees or ankles, where it may cause increased swelling. 

Remember, Moist heat is the way to go. 

That means 

  • a microwave bean bag hot pack
  • a hot tub or shower
  • an electric hot pack that is labeled "moist heat".  

Regular "dry" electric hot packs inflame an area and are not recommended for pain. 

Especially do not fall asleep on an electric hot pack. You'll likely wake up sore and stiff and a little worse. 15 mins max usually does the trick.

If an area throbs or pulses with heat, try ice instead.


Try alternating ice and heat, 10 minutes each. It works as a pump on the blood flow, alternately constricting and dilating the vessels. 

Also it's very calming to the nerve endings. End on the one that feels the most relieving. 

Remember, 10-15 mins max, either heat or ice, for maximum benefits whether alternating or not.

Hope that helps!

--Dr. Rina Tinozzi

PS A little tip: if you enjoy wine, even a half glass is an excellent muscle relaxant. 

Try that instead of a pill next time, it may work even better and it's all natural. 

Just like chiropractic!

Stressing Out!

Dear Friend,

No, Don't worry, 

I'm not stressing out...

But I'm a little worried about everyone that is!

When I re-branded the business after 10 years in practice, I added the logo

"Be Good To Yourself"

If you stop for a minute and think about those words, ask yourselfHow often are you being good to yourself?

That doesn't necessarily mean eating lots of kale, or running 15 miles a week, though running and kale are great! 

But are you letting your stress level come down?

Do you give yourself a guilt-free BREAK when you need it?

Stress overwhelms your body, and you have to go out of your way to take care of it. 

Chiropractic and massage are one example of excellent self care.

There are countless things we can do for ourselves that make a tremendous difference. 

How do I personally de-stress? 

Of course I love a yoga class, a massage, some alone time at a coffee shop with a book, or a quiet wildflower hike.

But my favorite one is around parenting-- which, ask any parent, can be the most (rewardingly) stressful part of life. 

Ever wonder why I am not in the office Tuesday afternoons?

About 9 months ago, after countless power struggles over homework, showers, and healthy dinners, my boys (9 and 11) and I decided to declare Tuesday's "DWWWT!" 

"Do Whatever We Want Tuesday!"

I pick them up from school @ 2:30, and we spend the rest of the day spoiling ourselves. 

 First, we go to the market and get whatever snacks we're each hankering for-even if it's not mom recommended, within loose limits.

Sometimes we go on a random adventure, but many times we just head home,and climb into my big king sized bed. We draw the blinds, and watch adventure movies in the middle of the day. 

Sometimes we even eat the delicious snacks in bed! 

This is awesome, is completely de-stressing, super fun, breaks all the "should" rules, (I should be working? they should be studying?) and makes me feel amazing. 

I think it's adding years to my life. 

Everyone wins, because we decided we were worth it.

So, how can YOU find ways to destress and be good to yourself?

For starters, consider:

  • Leaving your iPhone at home and taking a 20 min walk in the woods or hills, breathing deeply.
  • Leaving work a little early, so that you can catch a playoff game and put your feet up and unwind. (No guilt allowed, you deserve it!)
  • Taking time to read something that enriches your life and adds depth and perspective to something you feel you want to know more about.
  • OR go crazy and clear your entire schedule. Have nothingscheduled and just enjoy some unstructured time.

Stress is cumulative. It's imperative that you let the steam out.

Consider some ways you can be good to yourself, and do them this week. You'll thank me.

And, I'd love to hear your favorites. Maybe I'll try them!

Feel free to reply and let me know your thoughts. 

Always on your side,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi


Hi Again, 

Do you ever have times when you just feel icky?

Maybe you're in pain, maybe your digestion feels off, perhaps you're tired and depressed. 


When I get like this, I feel like it's going to be such a LONG road to feeling good again. 

But really, it's not. 

It takes about THREE DAYS. 

Yep, in about 3 days of being good, you can feel like there's hope to getting back to 

  • having energy
  • not feeling sluggish or bloated
  • sleeping better
  • feeling alert and good inside your skin and clothing. 
  • feeling motivated to stay healthy!

I challenge you to try and do as many things on this list as you can, for THREE days. 

Try it-- your body is your temple and you're worth the effort.




  1. Drink: more water than you think is reasonable, then drink some more. Think of yourself like a house plant that's gone very dry, you'll perk up in a few days with enough water.
  2. Walk: for an hour each day, run part of it if you like to run. Go twice a day if you can. Sweat.
  3. Eat: about half as much as you normally would. This is the most important part of the challenge. No sugar, nothing fried and no refined starch. No alcohol at all. Go for as long between meals as you comfortably can to let your blood sugar clear out. Stop eating around 7pm. It's okay to be a little hungry, it's our liver working hard at clearing out built up toxins. The feeling of hunger is the same as the feeling of detoxing. 
  4. BMs: If you've been constipated at all, try some prunes or some tea designed to move the bowels, likeSmooth Move Tea (at safeway or any grocery)
  5. HELP! Seek supportive health care- Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage all increase vitality. If you've been in pain, this part is especially important.
  6. STRETCH: Yoga or stretching feels surprisingly good. Quiet your mind while you do this.
  7. REST: Go to bed early. Take any unnecessary tasks off your list. Take three days and give yourself some rest.

Let me know how it goes. If you need a pep talk, start your 3 days with a chiropractic appointment and we can talk.  Click here to schedule online.

Be Good to Yourself!

--Dr. Rina








Sleep, how to do it better..

How have you been sleeping lately? 

Those of you who know me well, know that I struggle with getting a good nights sleep. 

When I was younger, I could sleep through anything. Maybe it's getting older, or being a mom, but that sure is different now. 

It turns out, good sleep is all about keeping your adrenals in check.

If that sounds like greek to you, your adrenals are the glands that secrete adrenaline. Adrenaline is the hormone that gives you energy when you need it-  in exercise, stress, fatigue.

The adrenals play a big part in regulating your sleep/wake pattern, or circadian rhythm. 

They also factor into your ability to handle stress, to keep up your energy level during the day, and believe it or not, to stay trim. 

(You may have heard of excess cortisol causing weight gain.)

A few years ago, I made it my mission to find a way to conquer my insomnia.

Being a health care provider gives me a good foundation for discerning which tips are the best ones.

Here are my favorite, TRULY helpful tips for better sleep:

1.  Stay off the computer/ipad before bed.

This is a hard one, but important for one main reason. Melatonin. The light from screens is called blue light, and shuts down melatonin. That's the hormone we NEED for sleep. Make your room as dark as you can, even a bright clock can block melatonin. 

2. Drink less alcohol.

The body combats the depressive action of alcohol by secreting adrenaline. 

Once the "buzz" wears off in the middle of the night, your body is still secreting adrenaline. To your body this feels like it's 9am when it's really only 3am. Impossible to get back to sleep. Same goes for caffeine, cut back!

   3.  Audiobooks!

I mentioned this in a previous email, but that's my secret trick. Shuts the mind down, distracts me from how late it is and how discouraged I am, and no blue light. You can learn so much if you listen to educational or self improvement topics as well. Just set the timer, and you'll keep your place. 


4.  Keep your nervous system in balance

Chiropractic and acupuncture are both natural and healthy ways to balance your nervous system. So are meditation and exercise during the day. Keep stress down wherever possible as well.

Hope that helps!


In your best health,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi

Why we get "fat" and what to do about it.. A great book.

Worth Sharing

Sometimes at night, if I can't sleep I listen to audio books. 

 (I read recently that reading your iPhone at night is terrible for insomnia, the blue light from a screen blocks your melatonin!)

A few months ago, I was perusing and I came across an interesting title: "Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It". 

Since I studied nutrition in undergrad, that sounded interesting so I downloaded it. 

You would not believe how fascinating it was! 

This book is totally worth sharing. The gist of it isn't really new knowledge: "carbs and insulin are doing it to you". Everyone knows someone who's lost weight on Atkins, or another low carb eating plan.

 You will love how simple the truth is, and how well it is explained. It's a little technical, but may change your life.

 And you may never look at a slice of bread the same way.

 Here's a link if you're intrigued: 




In your best health,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi 

Who do you spend your time with?

Hi again--

Recently when my boyfriend, Steven, recommended Rob Lowe's autobiography to me, you can imagine I looked at him with a skeptical expression.  

Rob Lowe? 

Steven is, however, one of the most intelligent and interesting people I know, so I gave it a listen. 

Now this obviously isn't a health care topic, and I do strive to share innovative ways to increase your health with you. 

Happiness and fulfillment are, however, a big part of your wellness, and this opening paragraph of Rob Lowe's (surprisingly good) book left such an impression on me, 

I'd like to share it with you: 

"I think it was Alfred Hitchcock who said

90 percent of successful moviemaking is in the casting. 

The same is true of life. 

Who you are exposed to, 

who you choose to surround yourself with, 

is a unique variable in all of our experiences 

and it is hugely important in making us who we are. 

Seek out interesting characters, 

tough adversaries and strong mentors 

and your life can be rich, 

textured, highly entertaining and successful, 

like a Best Picture winner. 

Surround yourself with dullards, 

people of vanilla safety and unextraordinary ease, 

and you may find your life 

going straight to DVD."

-Rob Lowe

I couldn't agree more. 

You get to choose these things for yourself. In fact, you get to choose how you run every aspect of your life. 

Health isn't just physical, though good physical health makes everything easier. 

Health is mental and spiritual as well. 

Be conscious of your choices, in every aspect. 

Challenge yourself. 

It's worth the effort. 

Yours, very truly,

Dr. Rina Tinozzi

When is the last time YOU had a massage?

"Advice is like snow, the softer it falls

the longer it dwells upon 

and the deeper it sinks

into the mind."

 --Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Massage can be like that as well. 

The right massage therapist hitting the right trigger points doesn't need to "hurt" you to help you feel better.

 Deep tissue massage just means slow, long strokes, at the muscular level. 

The depth only goes as deep as the person can tolerate and still breathe regularly. 

Our excellent massage staff knows when to go deep, and when to work more gently.

They are all highly experienced, and trained in deep tissue and trigger point therapy, as well as Swedish and lymphatic massage. 

Relaxing like a spa might be, but highly therapeutic.

Mention this blog, or just use the coupon you received on your first visit for $20 off your first massage here at Tinozzi Chiropractic Studio.