Hi Again, 

Do you ever have times when you just feel icky?

Maybe you're in pain, maybe your digestion feels off, perhaps you're tired and depressed. 


When I get like this, I feel like it's going to be such a LONG road to feeling good again. 

But really, it's not. 

It takes about THREE DAYS. 

Yep, in about 3 days of being good, you can feel like there's hope to getting back to 

  • having energy
  • not feeling sluggish or bloated
  • sleeping better
  • feeling alert and good inside your skin and clothing. 
  • feeling motivated to stay healthy!

I challenge you to try and do as many things on this list as you can, for THREE days. 

Try it-- your body is your temple and you're worth the effort.




  1. Drink: more water than you think is reasonable, then drink some more. Think of yourself like a house plant that's gone very dry, you'll perk up in a few days with enough water.
  2. Walk: for an hour each day, run part of it if you like to run. Go twice a day if you can. Sweat.
  3. Eat: about half as much as you normally would. This is the most important part of the challenge. No sugar, nothing fried and no refined starch. No alcohol at all. Go for as long between meals as you comfortably can to let your blood sugar clear out. Stop eating around 7pm. It's okay to be a little hungry, it's our liver working hard at clearing out built up toxins. The feeling of hunger is the same as the feeling of detoxing. 
  4. BMs: If you've been constipated at all, try some prunes or some tea designed to move the bowels, likeSmooth Move Tea (at safeway or any grocery)
  5. HELP! Seek supportive health care- Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage all increase vitality. If you've been in pain, this part is especially important.
  6. STRETCH: Yoga or stretching feels surprisingly good. Quiet your mind while you do this.
  7. REST: Go to bed early. Take any unnecessary tasks off your list. Take three days and give yourself some rest.

Let me know how it goes. If you need a pep talk, start your 3 days with a chiropractic appointment and we can talk.  Click here to schedule online.

Be Good to Yourself!

--Dr. Rina