Is your Mattress ruining your life:

MATTRESS HACK! This is a great idea:

Having a war with your mattress? Recently I heard about, (and tried) this great new idea. 

It's true that flipping your mattress is like a breath of fresh air for your back. 

You get rid of body impressions and it feels brand new. 

If you haven't yet tried this, it's a great solution to uncomplicated morning back aches.

But sometimes you have a mattress that you can't flip! 

It was built to be one sided. 

What the heck. 

They say you can spin it 180 degrees, that's a good idea, but you may have already done that and like me both sides have body impressions 

Time for a new mattress? 

FIRST try this:

If you have an king size mattress, you can spin it 90 degrees. So basically turn it sideways..It works! I tried it. I feel like I just saved $1000, 

it's like a brand new mattress all over again. 

Lemme know how it goes.

Dr. Rina

PS Share this great life hack with friends, it's genius.

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Do Pain Relievers Heal Tendinitis, or Just Ease Pain?

Fighting tendinitis? Me too. 

I've been advised to take Advil/ibuprofin for a few weeks by my ortho. 

I thought I'd check the latest scientific research on whether or not that would help and came across this. 

You may want to give it a read if you've been taking Advil for your tendinitis- because it turns out it may be exactly the wrong thing. 

Check this out:


Ask Well: Do Pain Relievers Heal Tendinitis, or Just Ease Pain?



The New York Times By Gretchen Reynolds April 8, 2016 6:30 am

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or Nsaids, such as ibuprofen, are commonly given to blunt the pain and inflammation of tendinitis. But most physicians now believe that tendinitis - the suffix "itis" means inflamed - is misnamed, since the condition may involve little or no inflammation. 

In recent years, scientists have examined biopsies from both people and animals with supposed tendinitis and found few if any signs of inflammation in the tendons, the tissues that connect muscles to bones. Immune cells associated with inflammation have not been present, and genes known to cause inflammation have not been active. 

So today, most researchers prefer the term "tendinopathy," meaning damaged or degenerating tendon. 

This distinction matters, because Nsaids are anti-inflammatory drugs. If tendinopathies involve little inflammation, then anti-inflammatory drugs will provide little relief - though it is possible that Nsaids may blunt pain because they are also potent analgesics.

But even then, the benefits of Nsaids seem equivocal. In a recent study of treatments for rotator cuff tendinopathy, scientists reported that Nsaids lessened people's soreness, but the effects were short-lived and did not improve shoulder function. Perhaps more worrying, animal studies suggest that rather than contributing to healing, Nsaids may actually slow healing. 

"Nsaids work by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins," said Stuart Warden, a professor of health science at Indiana University who has studied tendinopathy and Nsaids. Prostaglandins are involved in pain but also in the creation of collagen, a substance that aids in tissue healing, he said. Less collagen is thought to mean slower healing of injuries. 

So swallowing Nsaids is likely to delay recovery from a tendinopathy. 

On the other hand, a trip to the gym may help. Some studies have found that light weight-training encourages healing of sore tendons. In one useful recent experiment, for instance, people with plantar fasciitis, a tendinopathy of the foot, reported much less pain after a few months of an exercise involving standing on a step or box and lowering their affected heel while wearing a weighted backpack. Consult a doctor or physical therapist, of course, before starting any exercise program.


a link:


Hope that's helpful.


Keepin' you in the loop, 


Dr. Rina


Pillow Talk Part 2- Eureka, I think I have found the perfect pillow!

Dear Rina, Today a patient walked into my office with a pillow under her arm. 

As many of you know, I often say to bring yours in and I'll see how it looks for your neck.

When I saw her pillow, I got a twinkle in my eye. It looked GREAT. 

So great that I asked her, "can I try it??"

rt pillow.jpg

(I know, totally shameless, but I had to know. I'm obsessed with pillows and am always on the hunt for great pillows to recommend to patients.) 

Then I called Karmin in, saying "Karm! You gotta try this pillow!"

Then Nelly. Now we all want one. 

Anyway, without further delay, here's a link. 

Bamboo Pillow on Amazon  or




It's called the Bamboo Pillow, and it's somewhere around $40.

It's soft and firm at the same time, no orthopedic hump. 

A little high, but it compresses with your head so might not be too high for most people.  

There are a few different styles, but I linked to the one I tried. 

I haven't slept on it yet, but am ordering one, and if I like it

I'll order a bunch and you can get one here!

Or just order from amazon. 

Happy Sleeping! 

Dr. Rina


The Hidden Secret to Your Happiness

Imagine this scene.

You're on a massage table. 

You're delirious with contentment, 

it's perhaps the best massage you've ever had, and you've never needed it more. 

You can't believe you still have 45 more minutes of this heaven. 

This is AWESOME! I'm so LUCKY!

And then, you remember that your neighbor forgot to cut down the branches hanging over your fence. That jerk, he agreed to do it by Monday. 

He never does anything, he's the worst neighbor. 

And you start taking inventory of all the ways he's wronged you, and how upset you are about it. What you're going to do about it.

The next thing you know, you only have 10 minutes left in your happiest massage you've ever had, and you spent the past 35 mins agitated over the neighbor and his tree.

You know what happened?

You just GAVE your neighbor that massage.   The guy you hate right now? Yep, it was his. The best moment you've had all week, and you let him have it. 

The rest of your evening is booked solid with things you have to do for others.

This was your moment of you time, and you unconsciously squandered it. 

"Can you make me a promise that you will never do this again, self?"


Make that promise. 

Because this applies to everything. 

Borrowed time with an elderly or sick parent, time with kids that are growing too fast. 

Quality alone time with your spouse or loved one.  Time all by yourself to just breathe! 

Each of these moments is so precious, and if you can find a way, (even if it's just partially) to stay present you will lead a richer, fuller, happier and more content life, 

i promise you or your money back. 

Please remember this today -THANKSGIVING, of all days when you are seated next to the in-law you detest, or your brother keeps one-upping you, your ex-spouse is at the table annoying you to death, or you have so much to do later, and this day is taking forever. 

Just STOP. Tell your mind to 

"Sit.... Stay...." like a dog, and make it do it. 


Don't give your joy, your day away.

Your kids, your parents, your spouse, your friends. This is what life is all about, loving them!   You are SO LUCKY!

Just be present, and enjoy the things that are wonderful about the moment.

Your "problems" will still be there waiting for you when you set aside time to deal with them.

A Buddhist monk once said, "If you want to be free,  all you have to do is let go."


I'm so truly thankful to be on this beautiful planet with all of you in my life, 


Dr. Rina

PS Want more? Watch this amazing 2 minute clip of the illusion of it all, and your brains actual state of reality. 





Uber Driver Wisdom

I've learned so many enlightening and wonderful things having "present" conversationswith Uber drivers, especially when I travel. 

My favorite one so far happened today in an uber at Chicago O'Hare. 

PS Have you noticed that Uber is a verb now? The latest buzz is that that's whythey'll probably outlast Lyft. 

I digress. 

My driver Michael was a very large, confident African American who did not speak very much. 

Quite likable in general. 

After 10 minutes of silence, he comments on the other drivers around us who were texting and driving. He continued on to tell me that his wife is a highway patrol officer and that she was tough as nails.

You could see the pride in his eyes when he talked about her. 

He genuinely lit up. Said he waited his whole life to meet a woman exactly like her.

She's a canine officer, (I got to hear the cool story what it's like to live with a German Shepard K-9. When you take their collar off at night, they know they're off duty and they roll on their backs like puppies). 

Here's where the story gets good. 

Turns out, he met her at his own wedding, when his wife-to-be left him at the altar. 

He was understandably devastated and humiliated.

His now wife was at that time one of the bridesmaids, and she decided to go with him on the honeymoon to cheer him up. 

But that's not where they fell in love. They parted ways after that trip as friends and quickly lost touch. 

Five years later, he's in the Marine Corps, still putting his life back together. He looks over, and there she is, also a Marine. 

Different state, different life. And that was it for those two. He beamed when he declared thahe was the luckiest guy, with a wife that loved guns, football and whiskey. 

And who could kick his ass. 

I loved that. 

He radiated the most contentment that I've encountered in a while, but he had to go through a personal hell to get there. I was so touched by his story that I took his picture. 

Here ya go: 

über driver.jpg


I'm sharing this to remind you that when your chips are down, in all the magnitudes of ways, don't lose hope. You never know what's around the blind corner. I've been pleasantly surprised more than once myself. 

If you know someone struggling with a life challenge, consider forwarding them Michael's story. You never know who you'll touch by sharing something powerful with others.


PPS Chiropractic tip for you not-so-tall people. Whenever you're on a long flight, be sure to bring something to put your feet on so your legs don't dangle. It's very hard on the low back when your feet aren't firmly planted on the ground. 

That tip coming at you free, from a lounge in the Chicago airport. 

Always thinkin' of you all, 

Dr. Rina

PPPS The new photo above is us ladies celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the birth of Tinozzi Chiro Studio. 

The secret weapon of GRATITUDE. Try this experiment to learn a neat trick.

Are you happy?

Try the below experiment to learn a neat trick.

Consider this:

At the end of the day what we all are essentially seeking is fulfillment. 

Relationships, health, work, money, home-life, travel. 

And what many of us do? 

We unconsciously pine away for the things we just don't have...

So, I ask, what constitutes a more effective approach than wishing, wanting, needing and yearning your way into a more fulfilling existence?  

There's a secret weapon: gratitude.

There is no end to the list of things you could be grateful for:

  • the roof over your head, the dinner you'll probably eat this evening. 
  • the people in your life that you love and love you, 
  • the fact that the millions of cells in your body are working in perfect harmony to keep you alive. Miraculous.

Of course you can focus on the things that you are missing in your life right now... 

  • a 70 foot yacht
  • a villa in Tuscany
  • 3% body fat and perfect skin
  • a doting movie-star quality spouse that never disagrees with you on anything!


Focusing on the billions of things that are going right in your life is much more likely to make you feel good than focusing on the few things you might perceive as missing. 

Try this very short experiment right now.  


Take about 30 seconds right now to look around the room. 

Take notice and mentally catalogue everything that is brown. 

Try to remember as many of them as possible. 

When you are done, and only then, Read on. 



*****Don't read on yet, it will ruin the experiment.****



Did you look around?




Ok... Got it?


Now. close your eyes

and recall all the items in the room that are GREEN. 

Yes Green. I'm guessing that you didn't come up with many since you were so focused on the brown stuff. 

It's because you tend to get more of what you focus on. 

Choose to focus on the good stuff, and you'll have no choice but to get more of the good stuff. 

(Experiment compliments of Dr. Ali Binazir, M.D.)

I'm focusing on you right now. :) Thanks for being in my life!

Dr. Rina

Muscle knots, the mystery explained!

Have you ever found yourself begging a loved one for just five minutes of massage on a painful knot?

trigger point

The kind that only seems to feel better when someone is rubbing it?


That's called a trigger point, and I thought I'd take a few minutes to explain what it is and why you get them.  

trigger points

The problem is essentially lactic acid. The same kind that makes your legs sore after a big hike, or a new workout. 

Here one version of the story:

  • You sleep badly and wake up with a kink in your neck.
  • The brain senses that something is "off" near the spine, and kicks in a protective, guarding tightness of the muscles around that area- its job is to protect the spine at all costs.
  • The neck muscle is "on" for hours, becomes tight and sore, and is producing lactic acid just like any other muscle that is in a state of contraction (think: thighs after a big hike). The problem is this one has no rest, no time to recover. It's on full time.
  • The lactic acid builds up so much that the muscle is now in pain from the lactic acid more than the original kink in your neck! It's become its own problem. The body is trying to flush the acid away, but the muscle has become so tight that the capillaries are now constricted and blow flow is reduced. 
  • Now the muscle is also suffering from "ischemia" from the tightened capillaries, which is the lack of fresh oxygen to the muscle, and this makes it even more painful. The brain continues to react by tightening more because this is its solution when it feels pain.. Protect! Silly brain! 
  • Your mouth says to anyone that will listen, "Please press on that knot!" because instinctively you know it will help and it will! It helps because the pressure manually forces some of the lactic acid out of the knot, and it also creates increased blood flow- bringing new oxygen. You feel better, for a little bit. 
  • The brain then interrupts this wonderful relief, and says, "Hey muscle, get back to work protecting that original, still vulnerable kink at C5, or wherever your body has gone out of alignment from sleeping badly, or too much time on the computer, or a million things we do every day.  And you're back to square one.  Booooo.

Now... here's how it hopefully goes next. 

  • Your hand picks up your phone and makes an appointment for an adjustment! 
  • The chiro feels your neck and says sweetly and sympathetically, '"Oh no! This must be very painful." because she can feel the knot, and the subluxated vertebrae and knows exactly how bad this feels and knows exactly what to do.
  • She puts heat on it to increase circulation, calls in the world's best massage therapist to manually work out the lactic acid and relieve the knot, then the most important part- adjusts the offending "kink" out of your neck and-- voila! problem solved. 

Well, at least that's how we do it at my office. :) Have a knot? Come in and let us fix it. We know exactly what to do. 

Know someone with a knot? Send them this blog entry, and have them mention it for 50% off their first visit. 

Happy to take good care of you, as always,

Dr. Rina

Meditation Series, Session 1.

Please join me and my good friend and stress mentor Dr. Darren Starwynn, this Thursday 3/23/17 at 6:30pm at my office for a great workshop. 

Light snacks and beverages provided. 

Come have fun, and be good to yourself. 

Info at





Wanna Lose 5 pounds? Don't Tell your Mother I Said This..!

Happy NEW YEAR! 

So! Not sure about you all, but someone put almost 5 pounds on me when I was sleeping! 

That trickster. 

I have a few tricks of my own to drop 5# quickly, and this (below) Men's fitness article really validated them. (I'm cheating on this newsletter, and have cut and scanned the page below). 

The gist: It's the secret eating routine of a bodybuilder when he needs to lean out fast. 

And it's super simple! 

He fasts (coffee only) until noon. 

Then eats a huge protein-y lunch, 

no portion limits. 

(I personally do portion limits because I'm not lifting a million pounds a day!) 

**note he does his moderate cardio before that first meal, using up his glycogen reserves.. Smart, that dips into your fat storage more quickly.)

Then he doesn't have a meal again until 6pm, and it's another huge protein meal. 

There are a few very light, healthy snacks and amino acid drinks peppered in as well. 

(See chart is below.)

One reason I like this is that much of the new research supports skipping breakfastif you're not hungry. 


Our mothers would kill us, but try it. Just wait until you're hungry to eat.

And also, my eating routine has been similar for a while. 

Coffee, then grab a hardboiled egg on the way out the door to eat at the desk with a handful of nuts around 11am.

Then a very light lunch at 2pm.  

He's right, it works for me too.

This may not work for everyone, and keep in mind this guy's portions are designed for huge weight lifters, But size it down and give it a try! 

And as always, if you're not training hard, replace any starchy carbs with veggies.

You will see results 10 times faster.



Five+ pounds gone within the month, no problem. 

You owe that to yourself, your body is your temple!

It's ok to be a little hungry when you're trying to lose a few pounds. 

That's the feeling of losing weight. Once you've recalibrated, you won't need to be hungry any more.

Courtesy of Mens Fitness Magazine 2017

What do you REALLY want..

What do you WANT?

Let me ask you this again, because it turns out this question is one of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself. 

What do you REALLY WANT?

I turned 45 this August, and I know for you retired readers you may be thinking- "SO YOUNG!" And i do feel young!

But for some reason 45 felt powerful to me, and I sat down for a spell the few months before- and truly asked myself, "Self, what do you REALLY want?"

Have you ever done this, consciously?

Really closed your eyes, and imagined what genuinely make you tick and where your highest joys come from?

Well I did- and in some ways it was like the quintessential chrysalis.

Many things in my life shifted at once, and I have to say some really surprised me!

These shifts happened in two or three big areas of my life, but here's one example that's relevant to you. 

My health. 

I've mentioned my health challenges on this blog before, Celiac disease- etc.  And it was time to take charge!

I was tired of tummy problems, accidentally getting "glutened" and suffering from it for days. 

Feeling unhealthy inside my own body, even though my life's work is to give health to others.

Must be 100 times, I thought wouldn't it be nice not to have tummy aches.To run as fast, or hold a plank as long as I could back then? To have my body on my side, not in a war.

And once I decided I actually WANTED that, and deserved that, life shifted around me and it happened in a very short amount of time. 

It wasn't about a "diet", I was already eating pretty well though I did finally get quite serious about paleo. 


It wasn't about joining a new gym- but life shifted, and opened up time for me to MAKE it to the gym- and it became effortless. 

(for me:, and

And guess what? I currently fit into those clothes from before Grant was born, and I only started this summer. Some are too big.

And haven't had a tummy ache in over a month.

And you should see my rockstar yoga-plank right now--

I'll probably be able to levitate by christmas!

Other things shifted too, big things. Scary things too.

And so I want to challenge you to ask yourself-  What do you really want? 

And don't forget to ask yourself,

What do you really NOT want... And then get clear about it.

What is so important to you that you don't already have, that will make your life a life well lived at the end.

Think big. 

You don't have to know HOW you're going to get it, you just have to know what you want.

Hey, you never know what will happen, but I do believe in miracles. 

And I believe in you,

Dr. Rina

How much water should we REALLY drink per day?

I don't know about you, but I'm always thinking I should drink more water. 

But how much is the right amount?

And how can I remember to drink it?


Here's a little weight based formula for you to figure out how much you need:

Take your current weight and divide by two. That number is the minimum number of ounces of water you should drink per day. 

So if you weight 150, you should drink 75 ounces of water a day. 

Now-- how can you remember to drink water all day when you can hardly remember what time to pick up the kids?

Here's a cool smart phone app to help you:

And finally, why are you drinking more water again?

Here are your top 5 reasons:

  1. Helps digestion, and cures constipation. That's a good thing.
  2. Is that hunger? No wait, I'm just thirsty! Save calories, lose weight!
  3. Gee your skin looks fabulous, did you have Botox? No, I'm just drinking more water!  Save money!
  4. Detox. The best way to eliminate waste is to urinate (the kidneys filter it). More pee = live longer.
  5. Reduce chronic pain. Dehydration hurts, water tastes good.

In your best health, always-

Dr. Rina

A fit man drinks 10 cokes a day for 30 days- see what happens to him!

Wow- You have to hear about this guy! It was on the internet today, perhaps you saw it. 

How much sugar do you eat? Your kids?

I've been winning a small personal battle against wheat and dairy for 6 months now, and I feel so much better. 

But Sugar? I haven't had TIME to battle sugar. Might be time to re-think that.

Check this out:


A fit, 150 year old, 168lb Paleo* diet man who never eats sugar decided to experiment and drank 10 cans of coke a day (only 1400 increased calories) for 30 days to show that it's SUGAR not FAT or caloriesthat is making america obese. 

(*Paleo means moderate fat, high protein, low carbs/no processed sugar.)

You'll never believe what happens to him. 

He changes NOTHING else, just adds 10 cans of coke per day. 

The first week, he gains 8 POUNDS.

He gains 13 pounds in the first two weeks, and 7% body fat. 

By day 30, he's gained a total of 23 pounds. 

His blood pressure went from a healthy 129/77 to 145/96. 

And interestingly, he was having intense cravings for coke by the end, as well as other sugary things.

He lost his appetite for good foods as well. 

Here's his story:

I think this is what is happening to our kids. To AMERICA. 

He says that during those 30 days, he was eating the same amount of sugar that the USDA says the "average American" eats daily. 

That's frightening. 

Watch his video (below), read the article. It may have a lasting impact on you. 

The take away message for you or me, perhaps? 

IF you have 15 pounds you wish you didn't have, you can probably thank sugar. Or If your kids or someone you love is overweight, perhaps it's sugar.

This man ate all the fat and meat that he wanted, and was very healthy until he added sugar. 

Dammit. I like a little sugar! But is it worth it?

Here's to our best selves,

Dr. Rina 

Are you missing out on FREE massages?

Are you Missing out on FREE MASSAGES?

You may just be. 

Many people don't realize that their health insurance, (or spouse's health insurance) covers massage, at 100% when you receive it at a chiropractic office.

Massage reduces stress, alleviates pain, treats injuries, and helps the immune system.  

It's good for you, and insurance companies are wising up to this. 


Massage Hands

If you're curious about YOUR health insurance, just email and ask! 

If we don't already have your insurance card, just snap a phone picture of it, front and back, and include it in an email to us.  Karmin will find out for you. 

In the event that your insurance company hasn't caught the wellness wave, 

That's ok. 

Just mention this email and you can receive $20 off your next massage here with us. 

Be good to yourself, 

Dr. Rina

Is That Bagel Making You Grouchy?

Yum, bagels. I miss them so much.

Everything bagel with cream cheese, onion and tomato. Open face. 

That's my happy place!

Or it used to be...

A very strange thing happened to me this year-  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. 

For those of you who've never heard of it, it's a severe reaction to anything with gluten/wheat in it.  (Ask me if you want more info...) 

I was mortified! Not only did I cry over having eaten my last croissant, but in all honesty, I just didn't want to be someone with special dietary needs. You KNOW what I mean.. that annoying customer in front of you? 

Well, now that's me. Sigh. Sorry.

BUT! The most amazing thing came out of this new lifestyle, and it turns out it's for REAL. (The research is everywhere.)

I can't believe how much better my MIND feels. 

Like not just more clear, (which is nice)  but so much more even, and optimistic, and stable. 

Do you ever feel just in a funk? 

Or that your mind races- or you're jumpy or anxious?  Sometimes overly reactive-  How 'bout that irritable thing you can randomly feel at your spouse, or kids for almost no reason?

I thought these things were normal. Since eliminating ALL wheat, (4 months now) I see now that maybe they weren't. I wanted to share this with you, incase you've been looking for a way to feel better. 

Since getting totally off gluten, my tummy is never bloated feeling, my mind is clear, my skin looks great, I don't have mood swings and ready for this one- I sleep like a baby! 

I think everyone (YOU!) should try this, just to see how you feel. 

If you're curious, and game--   I challenge you to one month NO GLUTEN. June 1 is right around the corner, and I will totally help you. 


  1. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, so No Wheat. (Harder than you think, it's hidden everywhere. The 2nd ingredient in licorice is wheat.)

  2. No Barley, no Spelt. No Malt. (No normal beer. Boo.)

  3. No soy sauce/teriyaki sauce- they're wheat based. No asian restaurants for a while, they put soy in everything. Meat is often marinated in it too

  4. Read all labels, no "modified food starch", along with other some other things. Best bet? Food with no labels!

  5. Rice is fine, quinoa- fine! Lentils, and beans, great. Potatoes, sure. Just NO WHEAT. *Only gluten free oats.

You don't have to have Celiac to react badly to gluten/wheat. 

And the only way to know how you'll feel is to try it. What do you have to lose? 

You won't miss those few pounds that will come off easily, and maybe you'll be surprised at the rest.  

Let me know how you're feeling. 

And if you're feeling REALLY motivated to change your world,  cut dairy at the same time. 

GASP! C'mon. You're worth it.

Always looking out for you, 

Dr. Rina

 Get inspired here: The gluten free girl on how to for newbies.

Do You Need a Mental Health Day?

Do you ever feel like you just can't catch your breath. 

That facing the upcoming day is almost overwhelming?

When I was a little girl, my mom invented this thing she called the "mental health day". 

Once or twice a year, my sister and I could cash one in and stay home from school, or a soccer game or whatever. 

We didn't have to fake being sick, or have any reason more than, "I need one of my mental health days mom". 

As adults, we feel guilty doing this for ourselves, but I promise you it's worth it! 

You're worth it. 

I'm willing to bet that you show up for everyone in your life when they need you. 

I'd like to ask you, do you show up for yourself?

I recommend trying this for yourself, and maybe even for YOUR kids. (And even for your employees if you have them, they will love you for it.)

It's a no strings attached free day to do whatever you need. 

Sleep? A drive to the ocean? Some fun shopping or maybe just staying home and tinkering.

This is a form of self love that is so healing. It relieves stress, and somehow shows part of ourselves that we have our own backs. 

I've got your back too, 

Dr. Rina

"I ask you, do you show up for yourself?"

Breakfast for a WEEK! Try this.

Here's a fun, easy, healthy idea I found on Bon Appetit online... I can't wait to try this!

(here's a link to the actual article.)


Most Definitely Worth It: 

Making a Pot of Oatmeal to Last You All Week


Wanna get organized? 

Wanna do something good for yourself? 

Want this to be the best week ever? 

Okay, then. Go do this right now. 

Put 2 cups of steel-cut oats in a medium pot. Add 8 cups water and a couple pinches of salt. Bring to a boil, stir it around a couple times, then remove from heat and cover.

Now, go to bed, relax with a book, watch The Theory of Everything

Do whatever it is you're gonna do this afternoon and evening. 

The oatmeal will wait.

 Tomorrow morning, pack up the oatmeal and stick it in the fridge. If you want to be really organized, you can divide your oatmeal into individual portions for the rest of the week. 
 Good for you! 

But sometimes I just stick the whole pot in the fridge. That's okay too because you just made yourself a delicious whole grain breakfast you can adapt all week long.

In the AMs, add a splash of water to the oatmeal and reheat on the stove or in the microwave. You're welcome.



Bananas, Walnuts and Honey

This was my breakfast probably 80% of days during culinary school. Try this: Go ahead and dump the bananas in the oatmeal while you reheat. They take on a sticky sweetness that can not be beat.


Cheddar, fried egg, scallions. Start here, and when you get more brave add sautéed mushrooms, bacon, etc.

Mixed Nuts and Maple

Toasted or not, some chopped nuts and a drizzle of maple is a texture lover's dream come true. Or, go the cacao nibs and figs route.

Greek Yogurt and Jam

Dollop of the good stuff, swirl of raspberry (or whatever you prefer, but the red is really pretty).

Almond Butter and Jelly

You are a grown up now. Try the almond butter (but nobody's gonna be mad if you swirl in some Skippy Crunchy).

Brown Sugar and Blueberries

It just works.

Have the best week ever!

Dr. Rina

Pillow Talk

Gotcha again, didn't I.

Are you at war with your pillow?

It's so hard to know which pillow is the right one for you.

I sleep on a virtual rock. 

It's one of those old style tempurpedic's that they don't make anymore. It's got to be 6 years old, and I love it so much.

It may be the first thing I'd save from my house in a fire. 

Oh, and the kids of course.

Do you love your pillow??

If your pillow is uncomfortable, it's probably not the right one for you. 

 And if it IS- that's a very good sign.

If you wake up with tingling hands, that's another classic sign that it's probably not the right pillow for you.

Might time to pillow shop..


Here're a few important tips regarding what to look for in the PERFECT PILLOW:

  • First look at this: When you lie down in your favorite sleep position, you want the pillow to fill the gap between your head and shoulders. 



  • Next: Look at your posture. If you're lying on your back, your ear should be in line with your shoulder. Not in front of it or behind. A too high pillow is about the worst thing you can have for neck health.




  • If you're on your side, your head should be in line with your spine, not dipped down or propped up too much. 



  • Stomach sleepers? Tsk tsk, not good for your neck. Though I know we all do it from time to time. Just make sure that pillow is very flat. This lady must have a very sore neck!


  • The material you choose is up to you. Like I said, I like the firmest pillow. Soft down pillows are also great for filling in that space between your head and shoulders. 

  • And regarding shape? Orthopedic shape is fine, but not necessary. Sometimes they lead your head to dip below the neck support, and that's not good. And make sure the "hump" part of the pillow isn't pushing your neck up too high as well. These can be tricky.


I wish I could recommend the perfect brand and style that works for everyone.

The tempurpedic is different than it used to be, it's just so hard and never softens up so I don't carry them anymore. 

So sad!

I do think the imitation memory foam ones at Costco, Macys, or Bed Bath and Beyond are a good gamble. 

They tend to be softer than the tempurpedics, but still firm. A good down pillow also is a solid investment. 

Look for one with plenty of loft, as they do pack down. 

Here's one area you get your money's worth. 

Good luck! 

And feel free to email me a picture, or to bring your pillow to your next appointment, we can look at it together.

Sleep tight,

Dr. Rina

A Lesson from MEN for WOMEN

Dear Rina, 

I thought that subject header might get your attention.. I'm not usually one to "publicly" comparemen and women, (seems like bad form) but I want to share a sentiment with you that I recently read.

It's from Dr. Habib Sadeghi and it really spoke to me.

It's about selflessness and neglect, and what it does to us. 

He commented on women in certain communities who all seem to get breast cancer... 

Hmmm, sound familiar? Marin. read on:

(Dr. Sadegh article excerpted below)


I'm not alone on this: Physicians from around the world have gathered anecdotal evidence that suggests that patients with similar past traumas or present life situations tend to develop the same illnesses. While formal research has yet to be conducted into this phenomenon, one of the most prevalent examples is breast cancer and "selfless" women. When I say selfless, I mean women who are constantly putting themselves last on the To Do list, or worse, not putting themselves on the list at all. They'll cancel their own plans to help a friend move, work an extra shift so someone else can take the day off, organize the church bake sale, run the PTA fundraiser, chauffeur the kids to basketball and ballet practice, and do about ten other things simply because no one else will. Individual acts of kindness are always appreciated, but obsessively helping to the point where you're neglecting your own needs is a prescription for illness. The theory holds that women who live only to serve and nourish the lives of others develop subconscious resentment because no nourishment is coming back to them-without replenishment they become emotionally depleted. Is it just a coincidence that these women often develop cancer in the most nourishing organ of the female body, the breast? I don't think so.



It could be as simple as finding a chair you love in your home and making it the place you go to read a book, listen to music, meditate, or anything else that fills you back up. You could pick a spot under your favorite tree in the backyard or a room in the house that you love but rarely have time to enjoy. It doesn't matter where you go or what you do as long as it has emotional resonance for you, and you won't be disturbed for 10 to 20 minutes.

Many women know it well. Perhaps your boyfriend or husband has one in your home: It's the place in the house where a man sets up his territory. It's only for him and he goes there to spend time by himself doing things he loves that are nurturing for him-the practice putting green, the video game console, the basement with a big screen TV and NFL posters all over the walls, the woodshed in the backyard full of parts and mechanical gadgets he loves to tinker with. Because men are much better at being single-minded-I mean this as a compliment-it's easier for them to focus on one thing at a time and give it their full attention, especially when that object of attention is themselves.

On the other hand, women are much better at multi-tasking than men. Spend just a few minutes with a mother of young children on a Monday morning and you'll be astonished how many tasks she can perform and complete at the same time so quickly.

While this gift makes women incredibly efficient, it creates a challenge when the time comes to drop everything and focus on themselves. Of course, adding to the problem is the misconception that their primary purpose is to serve others. It's not.



The primary purpose of women, and the rest of us, is to serve ourselves first. We've all heard the flight attendant explain that in the event of an emergency, you must secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. During a real emergency, you'd be able to help a lot more people while still breathing rather than having passed out from smoke inhalation first. The same could be said for daily life. When you spend time filling yourself up with the joy of things that matter to you, then you have more than enough love and joy to give to everyone else. Spending time doing things just for yourself will make you a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, committee member, community organizer, and whatever other role you play in your life. Feeding the soul in this way is so important that I call it "spiritual nutrition" and actually prescribe it for my patients. I also refer to it as "selfless selfishness" because giving to yourself first is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to those you love.

Remember to pick a time and place that is significant to you and that you can regularly commit to at least once a week. I've chosen Tuesday mornings at 9:00am. It was 17 years ago that I was wheeled into an operating room for cancer surgery on a Tuesday and just as the doors closed behind me, I noticed a wall clock showing it was 9:00am. Long ago, I chose to dissolve the connotation of fear from that experience by scheduling my healing womb at exactly the same time. My place is a special area of my backyard where I meditate. A lot of the time, I'll envision myself as a child looking up towards the sky and offer comfort to that little boy regarding any fears he might still be carrying today.


Taking care of ourselves, especially in such an intimate way, isn't always easy. Do your best to resist false feelings of guilt and create an environment with activities that are especially pleasurable to you, things that put you back in touch with the parts of you that aren't mom, wife, etc. When we learn the art of self-love-even in the smallest, briefest moments-we incubate our souls in preparation for the birth of a greater, truer version of ourselves that we always knew we could be."

Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Sounds like an excellent plan, and not just for women. For all of us.

For me, this isn't necessarily sitting and meditating. I admire people who do this so easily, but in all honesty sitting quietly doing nothing for me is HARD WORK!

Maybe I'll evolve?

I love to read my book in my favorite spot in the house--where the sun comes through that window.

The kids are at school, the house is empty and I disconnect from everyone for at least an hour. 

(20 mins is never enough!)

It always feels like a guilty pleasure, I know I should be cleaning (?!) or something else,

but who knew--

maybe I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. 

I'd love to hear where your place is..

On your side, always--

Dr. Rina

5 Great Ideas for a Fresh Start

Just today, two different people came in saying 

 "HELP..  I've let everything go- I need to get back on track! what can i do? "

If you're also feeling unmotivated, or out of ideas- take a look at these 5 great ideas to kick start your new year right. 

Remember, it only take a short time, 3-5 days of clean living to start feeling good again!

And as I'm always reminding you, if you keep doing the same things you've been doing, you're going to get the same results you've been getting. 

Time for a change!


1. Bored with your exercise routine?

I do the same stuff all the time, usually The Dailey Method and hiking/skiing. Sometimes running. I was feeling kind of uninspired this new year- so I tried something NEW. 

My new favorite exercise is Pilates ProWorks on Miller in Mill Valley. It's sweaty pilates, and it's hard enough even for you strong guys. 

(They have the TRX (straps) workout too). 

Not sure I'd recommend it for beginners, you kind of have to be strong, but if you're up for a challenge, check it out. (First class is $20, and they offer a great start up package too). 

I almost think of it as a beauty treatment, it works so well on my posture i feel 15 years younger!

Here are two other really great ideas to spice up your work out routine: 

2. Karmin (my office manager) is married to the most awesome fitness trainer/coach in the world, and I'm not being prejudiced. He's well known throughout Marin, just ask around. Stein Skaar trains at Mt. Tam Racquet Club, and has classes as well as group/private training.  (You don't have to be a member of Mt. Tam to train with him). He's great if you're a fitness buff, and also great if you're just getting started. 

Mention this email and receive $20 off your first session. Email him with any questions at (He's the friendly guy on the right!)


I have been a loyal Dailey Method patron for almost 10 years. it's the hardest and most thorough workout i've ever done, and we're lucky enough to have the flagship studio right here in Corte Madera. (They're international now.) 

I know Jill Dailey personally, and can say she's an amazing fitness professional and athlete. Again, not for the faint of heart (or muscles) but you will change your body dramatically in no time at all. Best core workout I've ever done, also. 

There's a groupon (i think) out there, and they also have a great Unlimited First Month plan. There's a New Year Special deal for existing clients too- 10 classes for $155.

   4. Food... glorious food. Did you overindulge this holiday?

I admit I did, and while it was fun, it feels GREAT to be back on track taking care of my body.

There are many ways to do this.. Simply cutting down portions, and eliminating sugar, white carbs, and alcohol works wonders on your mood, your sleep and your waistline.

In case you'd like something structured, here's a link to a 7 day detox cleanse, with recipes that looks really good. I haven't done this one, but I might!


Tinozzi Chiropractic, the best chiropractic studio EVER, is running a Jump Start Package! 

Hey wait- that's us!

Get your body feeling GREAT with this THREE PACK:

Three chiro visits within 10 days for $195

Three chiro's + one 60 min Massage for $280

Remember, do something different, and see what happens. 

It takes effort, but you're worth it. 

Here's to the new you,

Dr. Rina

Is it wrong to be thankful that thanksgiving is over?

I don't know about you all,  but Thanksgiving wore me out this year. I loved the delicious meal, and the company, but having east coast family in town and all that came with the buildup of entertaining.. I was just bushed for a whole week. 

I found myself feeling irritable, jumpy, unable to focus on important things. 

Places in my body actually started hurting for no reason! 

(I usually stay ahead of pain, for the most part.)

Did that happen to you, too?

Luckily, all the advice I'm always giving on BEING GOOD TO YOURSELF actually clicked in, and I noted my downward spiral. 

I immediately cleared my calendar of anything optional, cleaned up my diet (no sugar or starch, and almost no wine), picked up my exercise, and the best thing was taking myself for an evening 90 minute massage at a spa.

Wonder why that part made such a difference?

The massage, that is. 

Having someone take care of you, and bring you mint lemon water, with candles in the room.And say "this hour is for you-- if the room is too hot or too cold, or the music is too loud, or if I talk to much or .. (like 5 more things) finally broke through my shell, and I found myself relaxing. 

Someone was taking care of ME!  And they were doing an amazing job of it.

So I am writing this to say that I'm here for you, always. 

If there's stress left over from Thanksgiving, or the responsibilities of the impending holiday are weighing on you..  or life/work stress is just building up-

PLEASE, let us take care of YOU! 

I only hope that my staff and I are even half as effective at stress relieving as that sweet spa-therapist was to me. 

Remember, self nurturing fills us up so that we can better take care of others when we want/need to do so. 

It worked wonders on me.

It's not selfish to take care of yourself, it's actually good for everyone around you.

Don't forget to breathe,

Dr. Rina